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Sun and Moon's Champion Team :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 2 1001 Video Game Songs: Battle! Team Skull Boss :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 2 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Guzma's Theme :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Christmas in Nightopia :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 2 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Holoska (Day) :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Solstice Title Theme :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Blackmoor Mountains :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Valak Mountain (Night) :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 1 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Trail on Powdery Snow :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Ice Mountain Zone Act 1 :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 2 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Route 216 :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Freezy Flake Galaxy :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Over Shiver Mountain :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0 1001 Video Game Songs: In A Snow-Bound Land :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 3 0 1001 Video Game Songs: Snowdin Town :icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 1 2
Things that NEED to Happen in Pokemon Eclipse/Star
Pokemon Sun and Moon were fantastic games. The story was among the best since Black and Whit, the new Pokemon were interesting and cool, great music, and beautiful on the Hand-held system. It's truly one of the best games in the series, but like a lot of people noticing this, Sun and Moon had too many short comings that prevented it from becoming the masterpiece we were hoping for. With the rumors of the "next" game coming out on the Switch, I think I'd like to share my thoughts on what the supposed third game Needs to do.
1): Fix the Frame-rate issue.
One of the biggest complaints is the frame rate quality on older 3DS'. For the most part it works fine, but when multi-battles are started, the frame-rate drops significantly. It's not as bad on the newer 3DS system, but it can still happen. Luckily, if the next game IS going to be on the upcoming Nintendo Switch, then this issue will definitely be resolved. Of course that's "if" the next game comes on the Switch. If not, then I'm defini
:icondragonknight92:DragonKnight92 0 0


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Sun and Moon's Champion Team
High there folks! I'm not doing my usual 1001 VGS this time, but instead something a little interesting I was thinking about. So Sun and Moon has come and gone, and so far has received a very warm reception. So it's no surprise that we are ready for the next game for this generation. Right now we don't know what Game Freak has in-stored for us. Either it will be the Diamond and Pearl remakes were anticipating, or a possible sequel to Sun and Moon.

Gen VI has been pretty controversial for the fact it didn't have a Pokemon Z, like a lot of people were excepting. This left X & Y feeling unfinished, and is the reason why it's considered by many to be the weakest games in the series. So a lot of people are hoping Game Freak won't pull the same stunt like they did last gen because, while Sun and Moon were great, there some improvements that it needs. Either a remake of the first, or a sequel, Sun and Moon definitely deserve to have a third game in it's respective gen. So this brings up to the topic I wanted to discuss: If the supposed third game is to be a sequel to Sun and Moon, how will the champion battle go?

Since Sun and Moon were anniversary titles, I think it would be fitting if the original protagonists of Sun and Moon were the champions of the sequel games. Taking perhaps two years after Sun and Moon, Sun/Moon are a little older now, and are still the champions of Alola. So it should be no surprise that when you get to the Champion's throne room at the top of the league, you'll find Sun/Moon sitting on the throne, waiting for your challenge. This would be a great throwback to the final battle against Red in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Also depending on which protagonist it is, it could depend on which version your playing, if theres two sequel games. One could have Sun(the male protagonist), while the other has Moon(female) as the champion. Or, they could bring back the memory link feature from Black2 and White2, so that not only would the champion be the gender you chose, but will also be wearing the same clothes your original playable character was wearing in the first two games.

But now lets get to the real meat of this article: What should there teams be? Well first; perhaps it could be the team you had in the first two games? If you could download your original character's looks with the memory link, then why not your original team as well? Now I'm not sure if the levels will be kept, because that would be disastrous if your original team's levels were 100. But I suppose they could nerd the levels down to the upper 60's the first time around. But If you didn't have any data from the first games, then here's what I suggest could be the default team the champion could have.

Right off the bat, half the team should be made up by the Alola starters; Decidueye, Inceniroar, and Primarina. This would make a great homage to Red's team in Gold and Silver, since he also had the three starters from his region. Also I think depending on which starter you choose in this sequel game, the starter on the champion's team that's strong against yours, will have their special Z-Crystal.

For the remaining three, I think Lycanroc would make a good addition. While it could depend on the version that determine which form, I think Midday form would be the best because of it's fantastic speed. Next up I think a Snorlax would also be a great addition to the team, as a massive tank and powerhouse. And finally, the choice for the last slot would be… controversial. I think what should be the champion's last, and strongest pokemon is either a Solgaleo or a Lunala depending on the version. Now normally something like this shouldn't be suggested since they are legendary, and no pokemon league to date have used legendaries. But think about it, Sun and Moon had broken quite a few traditions in the usual formula. also, while it would be a hard battle, it won't be impossible. After all, Sun and Moon are a little harder than usual. This would make the battle all the more epic, and the victory more satisfying. This could also work in the story. The Solgaleo/Lunala the champion uses is actually Nebby, and sometime after the main storyine, The Champion is reunited with Lillie and they give her Nebby. From then on another pokemon would take Nebby's spot. I'm not sure which pokemon though...

So that's the idea I wanted to put out. To whom reads this; what do you think? Would this be a good idea IF they make a sequel to Sun and Moon? Do you have any better ideas for what the team should be like? I'd like to hear you opinion in the comments down below. Thank you for taking time to read this, and have a nice day!
1001 Video Game Songs: Battle! Team Skull Boss
Game: Pokemon Sun & Moon
Composer: Minako Adachi

Sorry for the wait, this time I had a good reason for the long delay. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… that's all you need to know.

Anyways, this entry goes to one of the best boss themes I've heard in awhile. That's right, it's ya boy Guzma's fight song! Like his regular theme, it's a remixed version of the Team Skull theme, but made to be more intense. I'm not much into hip-hop, but man is this theme bad ass! It really portrays Guzma as a serious threat. My favorite part where the song get's to this break down, and then comes back in with the main melody, but even more intense than before! 

While I think Guzma could have picked some better bug-type pokemon, he still manages to be a great battler, and this theme is basically telling you that this is a guy you don't want to tick off!

Oh, and one more word from Guzma…  "YA'LLl ARE STUPID"!

(link to the song):…
1001 Video Game Songs: Guzma's Theme
Game: Pokemon Sun and Moon
Composer: Minako Adachi

I deeply apologize for the long hibernation I took. I got really lazy, and didn't bother to do any entries 
until now. I've been playing a lot of Pokemon Sun and Moon, mainly trying to complete the Dex. And I regret missing a BIG opportunity to put up any entries on the franchise's 21st anniversary. Oh well, I've been wanting to put up some track from the game on my list, and there are quite a few of them because they are so good! 

One of the game's primary antagonists: Team Skull, is something we were needing! After the epic failure of Team Flare, Team Skull was made to be quite possibly the funniest villainous team in the franchise. Not only can there ridiculous poses give out a chuckle once in awhile, but they also had some of the funniest lines in the games as well! Also there design is very striking and memorable, and the theme is a nice throwback to Gen 1. Team Rocket was an old-fashioned mafia, so let's have the next team be like a street gang! But enough about them, let's get down to it, the one you all want to hear! You wanna see what destruction looks like in human form? Well here he is, it's your boy Guzma!

Guzma was a great improvement over Lysander, he's got that wicked aura that other team bosses have. Very violent, irritable, and aggressive. Not to mention very hammy in the delivery of his lines. Despite this, he's also one of the more tragic characters in the series. For those who went to a house on route 2, it's believed to be were Guzma once lived, and it's heavily implied that he was beaten as a child by his parents! Pretty dark for a pokemon game! Also he defiantly see's his team as family, cause like him they were outcasts who couldn't complete there island trials. Yeah, Guzma tried to become a trail captain, and failed. So he made Team Skull to get revenge on society that had beat him down so many times, but also to be the family that so many like him needed.

Goodness I got a little off track there didn't I? I'm suppose to be talking about the theme, not the character XD! 

So there one thing you people should know about me: I like track that have a funky beat to them, and Guzma's theme is no exception! You'll noticed that it's actually a more slowed-down, laid back version of the regular Team Skull theme. It really gives off a very foreboding, threatening atmosphere that makes the villain one to be feared, despite it's up beat, and catchy tune. It's definitely one of the best character themes in the pokemon games, but that's not the only great theme he has...

(link to the song):…
I'm sure we all been there. There's a pokemon you need either for breeding, or to evolve. So you go on to the GTS hoping someone will be willing to do a reasonable trade. Well since this is the GTS, it's a 1/1,000,000 chance to find a reasonable trade. Ever since it's introduction in D/P, the GTS has been one of the biggest sources of frustration for players because it's filled with almost impossible trades. You know what I'm talking about, pokemon that are asked for too high of a level, or such a low level that it shouldn't be possible for some pokemon like Charizard. And of course the constant, CONSTANT legendaries for pathetically weak pokemon like Magikarp. Whether this all from unshameful, disgusting greed, or sheer stupidity, this has made completing the Dex even more of a chore than before. Often times forcing those who don't have trading partners, to buy another DS and game in order to make the trades they want.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well I guess partly as a vent from recent experiences while playing pokemon sun, and 2 I often ask to myself "Can the GTS be improved"? The few people who actually answered me said that it was impossible, trying to rework an online feature would be problematic and frustrating. And even it was possible, it would take Years to make an improved GTS, having to iron out any bugs or glitches so that no one would exploit them. I don't know whether to heed these words or not, but I can still dream can I?

Does anyone else out there think the same? Or can the GTS truly be improved upon, but the problem is that Game Freak is too lazy to make improvements to it?

Also if theres anybody out there who want's to make reasonable trades, I'll be more than happy to help out. I'm currently trying to evolve Porygon, and of course, no one is willing to make a reasonable trade on the GTS. Anyone who helps me out will do me a major solid. My Friend Code is 2492 - 4427 - 9540. Leave me a note if you need any trades to be done.

A thank you to anyone who at least had time to read this :)
Sorry for taking long, but oh well, Happy New Years everybody! 2016 has been very rough on us, so many deaths, and a questionable presidency upon us. The future is uncertain for us, but we'll have to wait and see what 2017 will have inshore for us. 

To anyone, here's my new year's resolution: For now on, I'll start doing reviews on video games! I've thought on this, and now I think I want to start reviewing some video games. Mind you, I won't frequently do it, just when I fell like it's the right time to do one. And I'll still be doing my 1001 VGS list from time to time. 

So I hope yo all had a great holiday, and here's to hopefully a better, brighter year for us!
Sorry for taking long, but oh well, Happy New Years everybody! 2016 has been very rough on us, so many deaths, and a questionable presidency upon us. The future is uncertain for us, but we'll have to wait and see what 2017 will have inshore for us. 

To anyone, here's my new year's resolution: For now on, I'll start doing reviews on video games! I've thought on this, and now I think I want to start reviewing some video games. Mind you, I won't frequently do it, just when I fell like it's the right time to do one. And I'll still be doing my 1001 VGS list from time to time. 

So I hope yo all had a great holiday, and here's to hopefully a better, brighter year for us!


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