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Pokemon Sun and Moon were fantastic games. The story was among the best since Black and Whit, the new Pokemon were interesting and cool, great music, and beautiful on the Hand-held system. It's truly one of the best games in the series, but like a lot of people noticing this, Sun and Moon had too many short comings that prevented it from becoming the masterpiece we were hoping for. With the rumors of the "next" game coming out on the Switch, I think I'd like to share my thoughts on what the supposed third game Needs to do.

1): Fix the Frame-rate issue.

One of the biggest complaints is the frame rate quality on older 3DS'. For the most part it works fine, but when multi-battles are started, the frame-rate drops significantly. It's not as bad on the newer 3DS system, but it can still happen. Luckily, if the next game IS going to be on the upcoming Nintendo Switch, then this issue will definitely be resolved. Of course that's "if" the next game comes on the Switch. If not, then I'm definitely getting a New 3DS.

2): Bring back the Dex Navi, Super Training, and the PSS

Another real big controversy is the removal of these three features. Why Game Freak removed these features has been a raging controversy among players ever since it was discovered, and I can see why. The Dex Navi made it easier to know what pokemon are in the current area your in. Also it made it easier to find specific pokemon to find. Not only that, but also ones that had hidden abilities, and IV's. Can you imagine how much easier it would have been to find a female Salandit without running into other wild pokemon all the time?

EV training has taken a major step backwards since the Super Training feature was removed. Why didn't they make Hyper Training an improved version of it? Not just for IV's, but also for EV's as well? Sure Super Training had gotten some criticism for being tedious, but it was so convenient to have access to EV training so early in the game, also to reset those unwanted EV's you don't want your pokemon to have. So why not combine both Hyper and Super training into one? I might make a separate article on what this merged Hyper gaining needs to do later.

And finally There's the PSS. That was a great way to find specific trainers you wanted to play with. But the Festival Plaza made it hard to do so. This one I honestly haven't tried out yet, but I heard it's a very convoluted process without the PSS. Just bring this feature back so we can find our friends!

3): Make the "IV's" gained from Hyper Training REAL IV's! And more Accessible

When hyper gaining was announced, we were excited to finally be able to raise the IV's of our pokemon! But now a lot of people are severally disappointed because of how tedious it is to get Hyper Training. First off, you NEED to have your pokemon at Lv. 100 to do Hyper Training. With no real fast way to level up like with the Blissy Bases, that a chore all on it's own. Not only that, but getting the bottle caps are a pain as well! They are extremely rare and can only be gotten uncertain areas like lottery booths in the Festival Plaza. But the biggest controversy is that the so-called IV's your pokemon get from Hyper Training are superficial! To put it bluntly, they are IV's that CAN'T be passed down by breeding! It only gives off the illusion of having IV's raised, while they really weren't. Now it's not as useless as some people say, this can be truly useful for legendaries since they can't be bred in the first place.

So what needs to be done is not only make it easier to do Hyper Training, but also have it raise the Actual IV's of your pokemon! Like for example: Instead of reading Lv.100, why not have the hyper part be available after your pokemon's EV's are all maxed out? And instead of finding bottle caps, how about making the Secret Super Training sections the ones were you earn the IV's? Plus! Have the power items and Pokerus effect how much EV's you get! This would make getting ready for competitive battling so much easier!

4): A new battle frontier

Once again we don't get a Battle Frontier, instead we get the Battle Tree. I'm glad they didn't copy and paste the Battle Manson for a third time, but the Battle Tree just feels like a poor man's version of the Battle Frontier as much as the Battle Manson did. It was really cool to see classic trainers like Red, Blue, and Cynthia there. Battling them. and getting to battle along side them when you unlock them. But still they could have went further with it. Also NO MOVE TUTORS! Why do they keep doing this? Every generation they introduce Move Tutors in the remakes or third game, but then they remove them in the first game in the new generation! This trend needs to STOP Game Freak! Also I'm taking about the ones where you pay BP to learn all kinds of moves, and not the ones that teach you just one move like Draco Meteor.

5): More customization options

It was great that the option of customizing your character returned in Sun and Moon. The problem however is that they didn't change much. They probably thought that the option to take off your character's hat was the only improvement needed, but I wanted more from the game. I really wanted to wear some of the outfits other trainers wear, like the Ace Trainers. I've always wanted to were an Ace Trainer outfit, and the ones in this game looked really cool! I was also diggin' that jacket The male Veterans were wearing! I saw a thumbnail on a video showing all the clothes for both genders what our characters would look like wearing the Tough Guy Pikachu out fit, That would have been so COOL! If a costume based on the the Though Guy Pikachu was available! That would have been my champion outfit!

And finally the biggest thing that needs to change for the third game is…

6): An actual Post-Game

AGAIN, we aren't given much of the post game! They honestly excepted us to see the Battle Tree as our Post-Game story, but it isn't! There is the missions were your hunting Ultra Beasts for Looker, but again it's not really much. Just like the Looker Mission from X&Y. This was the one thing we were hoping for, the thing that Sun and Moon would get right, but it made the same mistake as X&Y. At this point I have given up all hope for Region hopping. We didn't get the conclusion we wanted for the X&Y story, instead just shoehorning Zygarde in just because. Also we didn't get to go to Kanto. It would have been really neat to go with Lillie and see what Kanto is like after so many years.

So while Sun and Moon fell short of a lot of expectations, I still believe them to be superior to X&Y. If one of the games deserved a third entry in their respective gens, then Sun and Moon definitely deserved it! Sun and Moon are now the best selling games on the 3DS, so I'd say a third game remake/sequel would defiantly be warranted. But remember, they didn't give X&Y a third game. So it's likely now that they'll do this again, leaving Sun and Moon felling unfinished. Just becoming another After thought like X&Y. If this dose happen, at least have all the improved features in the remakes.

As brightly as Sun and Moon are shining right now, their future remains uncertain at this point. I hope it will still be a bright one.
Necrozma theory by DragonKnight92
Necrozma theory
So here's that mysterious black pokemon that was in the final leak from the coro coro magazine. Most people thought it was an ultra beast, but as it turns out Necrozma is the third member of the Sky Duo as I', calling them for now. So basically it's the eclipse pokemon we've been theorizing since the announcement of Sun and Moon.

Necrozma has been getting a bit of the same ridicule that plagued Solgoleo and Lunala because of it's typing. When you first look at this pokemon, what do you think it's type is? Dark right? Nope, Psychic! It's got a really neat ability in the form of Prisamatic Light which works like Solid Rock, reducing super effective hits by 25%. Despite this, Everyone is doubting this pokemon's capabilities in competative battle, critizising it's questionalbe typing, and movepool. So to them, it's an average legendary. But you know who were also considered average for legendaries? Kyurem and Zygarde. And what do they have in commen? Second Forms! And this is my theory, Necrozma will get a second form like Kyurem and Zygarde before it! 

So how can Necrozma achive this possible form? Well there may be a special flute for it as well, an eclipse flute possibly that can be used to awaken it's true power. Another possiblility is absorbing a certain amount of light from somewhere. Maybe from Solgoleo and Lunala perhaps? Like how Kyurem gets it's power by fusing with Reshiram or Zekrom. Or possibly it get's it's full power when an actual Eclipse happens? Who knows? Sun and Moon are still young, and we don't know much about the future for the 7th Gen.

What do you all think? Will Necrozma get a second form? If so, that how would you think it will achive it?
So I've recently beat the main storyline of Pokemon Sun and Moon! My final thoughts on them are that I liked them. The story game was a great improvement over X and Y. The characters were much more memorable and likable, though the plot could have have been a little better in explaining the villains motives in further detail. The island trials were a breath of fresh air, and the totem pokemon were surprisingly challenging! Speaking of which, it seems Game Freak has FINALLY heard the fans complaints about the games being to easy, and actually put some effort into making the game fairly challenging! Also I really like the new pokemon that was introduced. I don't mind the questionable bulkiness of most of the new pokemon. There could have been a few more Alolan variations of the Kanto Pokemon, but the ones we got where pretty nice.

My negatives however; are just as many. Like the numerous downgrades from the previous games. The removal of the DEX Navi being the one that pissed me off the most. My biggest gripe with the game however; is how they screwed up competitive training! They removed Super Training, forcing us to EV train our pokemon the old fashion way. The EV items can only be gotten by buying them with BP, but I heard the game upped the A.I. of the opponents in both the battle dome and battle tree that it makes it feel that the game is cheating. Hyper Training is disappointing in not only how hard it is to get bottle caps, and getting your pokemon to Lv. 100, but the "IV's" you gain from it are superficial. Meaning that they can't be passed on through breeding! This only truly useful for Legendaries, and Ultra Beasts, but like I said getting bottle caps are ridiculously tedious. Theirs Poke Pelago which can help out, but it takes so long, days even! It feels like one of those damn free mobile games where you have to pay real money in order to get things done faster (thank god that isn't the case!).

So in terms of the main storyline, Sun and Moon is one of the best in the series. But in terms of getting your new pokemon ready for competitive gameplay, it's one of the worst, and it needs to be improved upon in later games. Despite that, I still enjoyed Sun and Moon, I give it a fair 8.5/10.  

And here's the team I used:

Decidueye - Male - Lv. 60 - Robin Hoot

Ribomnee - Female - Lv. 58 - Ribbon (original, I know)

Lycanroc (Midday) - Female - Lv. 57 - Aleu

Wishiwashi - Male - Lv. 59 - Armada

Bewear - Male - Lv. 58 - Mr. Hugs

Salazzle - Female - Lv. 58 - Towa

You all have a good holiday season, and I shall return with a new 12 Days of Christmas special for my 1001VGS!
1001 Video Game Songs: Adventure's End by DragonKnight92
1001 Video Game Songs: Adventure's End
Game: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
Composer: Yoko Shimomura 

And here it is folks, our final entry for our 13 Days of Evil, and my favorite Bowser theme! I really love the music from the Mario and Luigi series. As you know, its made by the same genius behind the Kingdom Hearts Soundtracks. She's made some fantastic tracks for the series. One of theme, Never Let Up. I've featured here. So now it's time to look at the final boss theme of my favorite entry of the Mario and Luigi series, Dream Team. 

Throughout the series, Bowser's been a comic relief, an anti-hero, and now he's back as a villain in full force! And not he usual antics either, this is one of those rare occasions were Bowser is truly at his best! He managed to betray what we thought was going to be the main villain, an act that we thought would typically be the other way around. But nope, apparently Bowser learned from his previous encounters, and managed to stab some one in the back rather it being vice versa. And after absorbing the dream stone, Bowser assumes one of his most powerful forms: Dreamy Bowser!

Now I know In The Final is the big classic of the series, but that really wasn't a Bowser theme. Final Battle from the recent Paper Jam was a really good contender, But in the end, Adventure's End is my favorite final boss theme from the mario franchise. The atmosphere is perfect! It gives off a sense of a desperate struggle, for this is the battle that will decide the fate of the world. Also it's very sinister in tone, rivaling that of Ultimate Koopa, but is much more progressive and blood pumping. Also it has the ever classic villain instrument, the pipe organ to help it give that classy villainous tone to it! This was truly one of Bowser's greatest moments! 

That's all for my 13 Days of Evil! I want to thank anyone who has been watching, and everyone who has faved an entry during the month. I won't be doing much November. I'll be busy Playing Pokemon Sun, but I might create a few entries for any song from the game I liked. December, I shall do another 12 Days of Christmas. But for now, I bid you all a happy Halloween, and a goodnight! See you all later!

(link to the song):…
1001 Video Game Songs: vs. Bowser by DragonKnight92
1001 Video Game Songs: vs. Bowser
Game: Super Mario Sunshine
Composer: Koji Kondo

Super Mario Sunshine is considered a mixed bag among fans. While the game was fun, many have criticized that the FLUDD backpack was overpowered, the voice acting was very cringe worthy, and there were a lot of glitches. Corona Mountain is one of the most despised levels in mario games, because of how difficult it was to navigate. And after all that frustration, what do you get? A rather sub par fight with Bowser. Already ridiculous because of the bathtub setting, the boss fight is very easy. Plus there is a glitch were you can fall though the floor which is a constant source of frustration among players. Despite all this, the final theme is quite good actually.

At first this track takes some getting use to. It's very different compared to other themes, it's strangely a little more relaxed than the others. Fitting i guess since Bowser was sorta on vacation himself. But what really makes this track great was the use of the piano! It really gives the track a sinister vibe, despite the more lax tone. It's a weird track for sure, but it's a pretty good one never the less, it may even be considered underrated. Like I said, it takes some getting use to, but once you give it a listen, It starts to grow on you. 

One more to go! But first I'll be taking a little break, but when I return, I will share to you folks my Favorite Bowser theme!

(link to the song):…
(continued title: And How I'm going to do it)

Well, tomorrow is September. For those of you who don't know, September will mark the 18th anniversary of one of my all time favorite Playstaion 1 video games; Spyro The Dragon! Last year I was planning a month long marathon celebrating Spyro's Birthday with my 1001VGS list, but my computer was infected with a virus that put me out of commission for exactly a month! I was so pissed off that I had to lay off on my Spyro marathon up until tomorrow. But! My computer is still working, so now I can finally do it :D

So for those who would care, I will lay out some rules on what songs I will put on my 1001VGS, and how much I will put up during the month. So here we go:

!). I will be focusing ONLY on the original PS1 Trilogy to save me form overworking on this, and because those are the games I remember best.

2). I will give an entry to one home world theme per game, and one level per home world. I will also put up one speedway zone theme per game, and only one final boss theme. 

3). I may put up one, or two, entries per day. I might miss a day or two during the month, but there will be one specific day that I will not upload anything during it. I think most will know what day that is...

I hope you'll understand these rules. I will try my best to pick the most memorable themes from each game. Also to note, I have uploaded a few Spyro themes before from the first game and they were both popular ones, so don't be surprise if I upload something else rather than the one I have uploaded before.

I don't know if anyone else will celebrate Spyro's 18th anniversary, but I certainly will. So I hope you all will enjoy Spyro Month starting tomorrow, and wish our favorite little purple dragon a happy birthday!


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