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1001 Video Game Songs: Mother Brain by DragonKnight92
1001 Video Game Songs: Mother Brain
Game: Super Metroid
Composer(s): Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano

Ridley may be the most famous bad guy from Metroid, but Mother Brain is… well… the true brains behind the pirates. Mother Brain is pretty much your typical rouge A.I. wanting to wipe out all life cause she sees it as flawed, and only things like her should rule the universe. While she may not have appeared as much as Ridley, she's still a very important part of the Metroid mythos. Her first boss battle in the first game was actually rather lackluster when you think about it. The only real danger is the flying donuts of doom constantly flying around, and the acid. Mother Brain on the other had, just sits there, taking all the hits before she dies. Rather anti-climatic, and the one from super metroid seems the same. It's pretty much a remake of the first game's fight, exactly the same in fact. …Until she rises up in her new body.

Mother Brian learned from her last encounter with Samus, so she was prepared. In her new, grotesque body she has a lot more weapons then se ever had to use, including the devastating hyper beam(no not the pokemon move). The theme is simple, yet effective. It serious, droning, and down right threatening. It's message is simple: YOU ARE SCREWED! This theme is so intense and threatening that it's become something of a meme, simply by saying "When your/my _____ something something". 

A very fobbing, and climatic theme, It may be along time until we see Mother Brain, but her legacy will always be felt in the series.

Tomorrow night, A villain who is a literary classic, a movie classic, and a video game classic.

(link to the song):…
1001 Video Game Songs: Ridley Battle by DragonKnight92
1001 Video Game Songs: Ridley Battle
Debut: Super Metroid
Original Composer(s): Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano

Along with the likes of Bowser and Ganon, Ridley is one of video game's most iconic archenemies. He has appeared in more games in the metroid series than any other villain, also he's very important to the Metroid mythos in that, his attack on Kl-2L would create the galaxy's greatest hero and the bane of his' and his fellow space pirate's existence. Ridley is also one of the most persistent enemies as no matter how baldy he get blown up or maimed, he'll always come back. They don't call Ridley the "Cunning God of Death" for no reason you know! 

A funny thing about his now iconic boss theme that it wasn't originally his own. It was first use in Super Metroid as a regular boss theme shared with Draygon. But gamers began to associate the theme with Ridley, since that fight was much more memorable due to the build up to it. Since then, it has been officially made into Ridley's signature theme. As for the theme itself, it's very fast paced, and intense, emphasizing how much of a threat the boss is, especially since your going up who's basically #2 in the Space Pirate's rankings. While not the first to do it, the theme is very different from others at the time since most boss themes were made to get your blood pumping, and get excited for the fight. This theme however; has a sense of danger, and dread. Making you feel more fearful of the fight, rather than excited. That was the main strength of the Metroid series' music, it's atmosphere. It not trying to be video game music that is catchy, it's to set the mood of a situation, to make you awestruck with the environments you travel through, cautious during dangerous areas, or fearful during boss fights. 

Now were not through with Ridley's theme yet, because there are a few more variations. 

While the SNES version is a classic, the Meta Ridley version as it's called by fans, is widely considered to be the best version. It still contains the intensity and fear that the original invoked, but with a twist! It's given a more techno sound to fight Ridley's new cybernetic look. The Meta Ridley boss fight is widely hailed by fans as the Metroid series' greatest boss fight, and this theme is also considered one of the series' best, and one of the greatest remixed themes in video games. 

Now on to something less positive… 

Other M is without a doubt the most Hated entry in the Metroid series, it's story is confusing, the gameplay was frustrating and liner, and it completely messed up Samus' character. The most infamous moment in the game is when Ridley reveals himself, and Samus has a PTSD breakdown. I could go on about every thing wrong with this scene, but that would be like an essay, and there are several people on the internet who can explain it better than I can. Despite the infamy of the game, and the scene, the orchestral rendition of the Ridley theme is quite awesome. One of the highlights of game I might say. 

Oh yeah! The Super Smash Bros. Brawl version also kicks ass with a more heavy metal tone!

So that's Ridley folks, A classic villain with a classic boss theme. Next up, this captain may not have much of a body(or so we think), but she's got quite the brain!

(Original SNES ver.):…
(Meta Ridley ver.):…
(SSBB ver.):…
(Other M ver.):…
1001 Video Game Songs: Goro's Lair by DragonKnight92
1001 Video Game Songs: Goro's Lair
Game: Mortal Kombat
Year: 1992
Publisher: Midway Games
Composer(s): Dan Forden, Matt Furniss 

"MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!" *theme song plays*. Oh hell yeah, it's time to talk about one of the greatest fighting game franchises ever: Mother F!@$ing Mortal Kombat! For the time it's graphics weren't like any others. The use of digitalized sprites of real people gave the a game a feel of realism. The characters were easily recognizable and are now iconic, and of course it had one of the greatest video game mechanics of all time: The Fatalities! The ability to finish off your opponent in a gory fashion, either by: ripping out their heart, incinerating them, or most famously ripping out there spines with the head still attached to them! It was so violent and gory, and people loved it! It gave the game a unique identity that many other would try to copy over the years. This was also one of the big things that lead to the creation of the ESRB that gives all games their ratings since then. And now let's get to the music. 

Sadly there isn't much talk about the music from this particular game. It dose have some memorable tunes though, like the fighter selection screen, and tonight's track. Those who have played the original Knows the horrors of fighting an enemy that has become one of the most infamous bosses in video games. The-Then Grand Champion of Mortal Combat, and Shang Tsung's right-hand man: Goro.

There are many reasons as to why you should be scared shitless of this guy! 1): He's a member of the Shokan; a race of four-armed half-human, half-dragons! That right there already makes him intimidating. 2): He's been the grand champion of the Mortal Kombat tournament for 500 years, 500 Years! It really makes you doubt yourself, like how can you possibly beat a monster that's been grand champion for over half a millennium? And Goro's theme greatly emphasizes that feeling!

It is serious, intense, and scary! It brings in the feeling that your about to get your ass handed to you by this monster! And how true, because of how notoriously hard this boss is! While there are many bosses that have rivaled, or even surpassed Goro in later games, Goro is still well remembered by many as a great terror of the arcade machines.

So the next time you play the original, and hear this them, you better be ready to kick some ass, or to get YOUR ass kicked!

Sorry to say there won't be a second entry tonight. I'm sure there other great themes belonging to villains in the Mortal Kombat series, but Goro's was the only one I can truly remember best. Maybe later on next year I'll include another villain theme from the series, but tune in tomorrow night, and we'll be going up against a group of pirates… FROM SPACE!!!!!!!!!

(link to the song):…
1001 Video Game Songs: Lavos by DragonKnight92
1001 Video Game Songs: Lavos
Game: Chrono Trigger
Year: 1995
Publisher: Square
Composer(s): Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu

Lavos is a special kind of villain. IT isn't out to destroy the universe because it want's to, nor for revenge against something, it's because it's in it's nature! Lavos is a type of primal evil that dosen't destroy world for the sake of itself, it just destroys. Lavos is unfeeling, emotionless, it is one of the few things in media that can truly be called Pure Evil! And it's theme emphasizes that greatly!

Oh the wonders pipe organs can do for villain themes… I mean like, if your going to have a sinister villain with an equally sinister theme, you NEED to have a pipe organ playing in the background. It's just the perfect instrument for a villain theme! Unlike Magus' theme, it's straight to the point. Lavos isn't going to give out a cliched monologue before the fight, No! It's going to kill you right here and now! The tone of the song is absolutly threatening, even apocalyptic, fitting since this thing will bring about the apocalypse!

Once again, Lavos isn't in it for the pleasure of being evil, or for some tragic past, Evil is simply it's nature.

Tomorrow night, get ready for kombat!

(link to the song):…
1001 Video Game Songs: Battle with Magus by DragonKnight92
1001 Video Game Songs: Battle with Magus
Game: Chrono Trigger
Year: 1995
Publisher: Square
Composer(s): Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu 

"…The Black Wind Howls"

Last year during October, I included the theme to Magus' Tower for that year's halloween marathon, and now we'll be talking about the owner of that tower himself, and the badass boss theme that accompanies him.

I won't spoil too much of the game for those who haven't played the game yet, so in a nutshell Magus is at first the main antagonist for a large portion of the game. For it appears he's the one causing all the trouble, since he wants to summon some ancient evil for some seemingly nefarious purpose, and he's the one responsible for Frog's current state. So he sound's pretty evil right? His theme certainly sounds like it.

For many, this a fairly popular RPG battle theme, and is usually considered on of the most famous. It has a great build up at the beginning, starting with the wind howling in the background, while violins menacingly play, and then the wind instruments start to kick in. Finally after he's done talking with you and pulls out his iconic scythe, the song really starts. Strangely to me, I feel a bit of a mexican flare to it, because some of the notes in the song sounds like something from a mariachi song, but more intense and evil. I could definitely see this song being played in a bullfighting match because of that reason. You remember that creepy laugh from Magus' Tower? Well that part also appears near the end of the song before it loops back to the beginning, again giving a hint of Magus' madness.

Definitely one of the best character exclusive battle themes in an RPG. It's fast paced, intense, and menacing. It perfectly portrays the fight you have with Magus. However; after your fight with Magus, you'll soon learn about the true horror of the "Real" villain of the game...

(link to the song):…
(continued title: And How I'm going to do it)

Well, tomorrow is September. For those of you who don't know, September will mark the 18th anniversary of one of my all time favorite Playstaion 1 video games; Spyro The Dragon! Last year I was planning a month long marathon celebrating Spyro's Birthday with my 1001VGS list, but my computer was infected with a virus that put me out of commission for exactly a month! I was so pissed off that I had to lay off on my Spyro marathon up until tomorrow. But! My computer is still working, so now I can finally do it :D

So for those who would care, I will lay out some rules on what songs I will put on my 1001VGS, and how much I will put up during the month. So here we go:

!). I will be focusing ONLY on the original PS1 Trilogy to save me form overworking on this, and because those are the games I remember best.

2). I will give an entry to one home world theme per game, and one level per home world. I will also put up one speedway zone theme per game, and only one final boss theme. 

3). I may put up one, or two, entries per day. I might miss a day or two during the month, but there will be one specific day that I will not upload anything during it. I think most will know what day that is...

I hope you'll understand these rules. I will try my best to pick the most memorable themes from each game. Also to note, I have uploaded a few Spyro themes before from the first game and they were both popular ones, so don't be surprise if I upload something else rather than the one I have uploaded before.

I don't know if anyone else will celebrate Spyro's 18th anniversary, but I certainly will. So I hope you all will enjoy Spyro Month starting tomorrow, and wish our favorite little purple dragon a happy birthday!


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